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Vacation Fun

So, I was recently on vacation in the Bahamas (which -as an aside- was great until the hurricane hit) and had a really fun experience. The first night there we were on our way to the room after a night of rum at the pool and a guy was sitting on the patio to his room that we walked past. He asked for a smoke and I told him I had some up in our room. We ended up alone on the patio. Well, after some brief kissing, he got fairly aggressive. He pulled me down on the lounge on our second floor patio and tried to hold me in place, push himself on me. It was not at all threatening, but just very ****y.

Maybe it was being on vacation and knowing I'd never see him again or maybe it was the rum, but I got inspired. I took over. I got really dominant and it was amazing. It was complete gamble because he'd given me absolutely no indication that he'd be at all interested in submitting, but I won that gamble! He was clearly up for it once I made it clear that ...interactions, with me were only going to go one way.

Without too much detail, I definitely had him doing whatever I wanted that night, and for the rest of the 4 day weekend down there, all with the promise that he might get actual sex at the end of it. I was shocked at how well it all worked out and can't wait to go on vacation again!

This being the first time I took the initiative in dominating, I just had to share with someone and this seemed like the perfect place.


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What a hot story, thanks for sharing!!
I'd love to hear what were those first few hints of dominance that gave and how did his responses indicate that he was on board?

This totally sounds like something I would do. HOT!!



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Hmm...well, it started when he pulled me down onto the lounge chair and tried to restrain me by my hair, in a dominant but not threatening way. But I just wasn't in the mood for that.  So, I told him in a pretty authoritative voice to let go of my hair and he immediately let go of it and put his hands down then just stared at me.

I stood up and looked down at him for a minute, just thinking, surprised at how he'd so obediently done what I told him without protest -and pretty excited about that. He shifted to putting his feet down and sitting on the edge of the chair just looking up at me, so I think I just thought, what the hell. It was a pretty safe gamble because the worst that would happen is he'd run away screaming and I never had to see this guy again.

So, I pulled him up, settled back on the chair then pulled him down between my legs, pushed his head down and told him to get busy. In part, I wanted to see how he'd respond, but I also wanted to check out his skill set, ya know? Well, he was so enthusiastic (and ...thorough) with that, that it actually went pretty easily from there.

I don't want to give more detail than you all want, so I'll stop there. wink.gif

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